Sunday, September 25, 2005

Alas, my flute

While it is no surprise that my fingers are no longer so cooperative at flying through rapid runs up and down the scale, it is rather disconcerting to find that I no longer make the clear, sweet tones I used to be able to produce. But the hardest dose of reality of all is the realization that I can no longer play in tune--this is not the flute I learned on and I don't know on which notes I need to roll in a bit and which notes require rolling the flute out as far as possible. 'Tis indeed disconcerting to find that one's attempts at "music" clashing with the music of others! So, alas, my poor finds itself spending more and more time alone in the dark of its case...


Blogger Qwerty said...

Perhaps if it wasn't always alone it wouldn't find itself so frequently in those embarassing, socially awkward situations...

3:34 PM  
Blogger Mama Bird said...

Hmmm, you just may have a point there.

I think the OC agrees with you, actually, as he just ordered a tuner--one with a visible, movable needle--to help me figure out how to tame this beast until it learns to stay in tune.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Ellen@BestBlogContest said...

Aww, that's sad! I just ordered a flute off eBay (new). I am excited to start playing again. I only played for a couple months in junior high, so maybe I can ask you for advice if I get stuck learning how to breathe into it correctly!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Cheryl said...

ita w/qwerty. Your flute ought not to spend so much time alone. Therefore - The cello known as "Leo" would like to request the company of your flute - for a visit later in the fall.

The tuner is a great place to start - however remember that when the flute is in social situations - care might be needed to adjust pitched ever so slightly to match those around even if the tuner is right on. Apparently those with perfect pitch are driven to madness when a conductor has the orchesetra tune to A 441 instead of A440.

However - the social situaiton involves a piano which isn't in tune with itself - attempts to compensate pitch will be an exercise in frustration all around.

12:54 AM  

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