Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"There is a life after children, and it's a good one."

My friend's daughter just left after stopping by to give me a haircut. While she was snipping away, she said, "So you have your days to yourself now, I bet you're loving it." And, you know, she's right. I've said many, many times that my favorite "age" is whatever age my children are right now...and that hasn't changed. They are now at my very favorite age! I love that they have all grown into responsible, independent and surprisingly mature adults. I love that they can live their own lives without my constant input. I also love that they sometimes share glimpses of those lives with us.

I suppose we really should admit that the OC loves that, after all these years, when he gets home, now he is always first in line for attention. :D

There's a story behind that title up there. Long decades ago, a friend and I were herding our gaggle of little ones around a yard sale when the seller motioned us over and whispered, sotto voice, "There is a life after children, and it's a good one!" There have been times (such as when I had to deal exhaustedly with a houseful of sick, cranky, barfing little people) when I have clung to that phrase just to get through the next hour.

There is a life after children and it is a good one...but it's made better because of those very same children!


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