Monday, September 12, 2005

Today was the first day

Today was the first day that the house seemed empty and quiet. That could have been because school is back in session and the little group of neighbor boys have all started kindergarten so there are no more happy shouts of little boys at play resounding through the yards. But it could also have been because just about anything would seem quiet in comparison to how I spent yesterday--watching aerial acrobatics and the amazing Blue Angels with over 200,000 of my closest friends and neighbors at what may be the final Great State of Maine Air Show. Unfortunately, Aviator Dave wasn't part of the crowd. Too bad he couldn't make it, as I'm sure he'd have loved the show!


Blogger Qwerty said...

It also might have seemed quiet from not having (at least one of) your children calling constently... Nay, it can't be that!

10:06 PM  
Blogger Sunny said...

Hey you, I e-mailed you

1:02 AM  

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