Saturday, August 20, 2005

The time has come...almost

Her stuff is packed, the cars are loaded and in just about 9 hours or so, our youngest fledgling (D) and I will set out for her journey back to college. What will be different for me after my return will be that we'll no longer have her older sister (B) at home. B, you see, has moved to a nearby state to care for her failing Grammie. Except that B is here visiting for a long weekend so the reality of the "empty nest" has yet another delay before it sinks in. Though B isn't just visitng us, she's also getting a peer-fix by spending lots of time hanging out with her sister (A) and brother-in-law (Br) who live on the other side of town and who are oh-so-kindly kitten sitting for B.

As for me, I just finished watching the first online program of the Spanish language course Destinos and ordering the accompanying textbook. A couple of families who are fluent in Spanish have begun attending our church recently and I've decided they are a resource too good to pass up so I'm giving myself a quick review course in Spanish. Hopefully, Spanish will come back quickly because I've been really, really looking forward to finally learning some French--that's going to be my next big project once I have some uninterrupted time each day. And now that I've told the Internet I'm going to learn French, I'm going to have to do it, right?


Blogger Sunny said...

Oh Pooh! Now you are studying Spanish too? Quit leaving me in the dust! (No danger in YOUR brain cells shrinking!)

3:37 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

All together now ...

The time has come
The time is now
Marvin K. Mooney
Will you please ..

12:40 PM  

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