Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nothing so constant as change

Yes, I know it's been too long since I've written anything here...but how can one write about an "empty nest" while it isn't empty?

First D had this whole end-of-rough-semester-stresses-and-I-hate-the-dorm-noise-so-I-need-to-move-into-an apartment angst that necesitated my going down to the college to help bring back all of her belongings just in case the apartment worked out (it's not happening--at least not this semester). A friend also came along for a long weekend before they both went off to the wedding of mutual friends, so the house was anything but empty for a few days there. BTW, Motorola Walkabouts really simplify driving three cars caravan-style late at night--especially when two of them are piloted by exhausted college students and the third by a concerned parental type.

Then, I had just a few hours to get linens laundered and the guest bed remade before B brought Grammie for Christmas week. That added a new dimension to things as Grammie tends to forget the answers to questions she's just asked...so of course she needs to ask again. The loading of the dishwasher is always a fascinating process. Anyway, she's a sweetie but does pick up on ambient stress and I, at least, was rather stressed that week, mostly over public performances.

The wind ensemble Christmas concert went amazingly well...in spite of my beginner status (yes, there were runs and trills that I simply didn't play) and afterwards I was able to sleep nights again, LOL.

The acoustics in the old chapel in which we played were amazing--I could actually hear myself playing! Scary thought, that...

The performance, I confess, was greatly enhanced by several musicians ("real" musicians of the "actually get paid to play" sort) who joined us for the concert. Lest you suffer under any illusions that that this is more than an "accepts all comers" sort of musical group.

My little class of 1st-3rd graders had so much fun acting out their SS lesson the week before Christmas that they begged to be allowed to do it for the whole church.
So, I got busy scrounging and sewed up some more costumes and the day before Christmas they wowed the congregation with a very well-done portrayal of shepherds and angels. Alas, distracted with all the last minute delegation and overseeing of various support roles, I forgot to hand the camera I'd brought along to the OC. So, in order to show you the costumes I made, I am simply forced to post photos of grandchildren instead of SS class children. What a handy excuse. ;-)

So then it was Christmas (yes, we'd all scurried around and made sure that there were ample presents for Grammie to open) and my sweet family gifted me with a cool all-in-one printer/fax/scanner/copier and the dear OC reminded me that months and months ago I'd said that the one thing I wanted for Christmas was to go to Florida in February and he's taking me to Florida in February!!!!!!

Then there was the Day After Christmas In-law Extended Family Dinner which was lovely...until the why-can't-we-all-communicate-and-work-together-with-Gram's-care confrontation. Sigh. After two stressful hours, a new plan was in place. Hopefully, this one will, indeed, include more cooperation. I'm not sure which is harder--to lose one's mother suddenly and unexpectedly or to have to watch her steady decline while doing everything possible for her to remain in her home as long as possible.

There were a few quiet days with just our happily decompressing college girl here and then a delightful surprise: #1 son-in-law was on our side of the continent and we were able to steal him away for a couple of days. What fun! We had an absolutely wonderful visit--he helped set up my fancy new printer/scanner, fixed us up with wireless internet throughout the house and deciphered the mysteries of our GPS gizmo. The weather was beautiful yesterday so we made a foray into geocaching. What fun!

After a wee hours start, he's now en route home to his loving family and we wait to see what interesting change will happen next around this apparently only occasionally empty nest.


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Maybe you should re-name your blog. "Full House" and "busy life".

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