Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh, boo, hoo. Our lake is disappearing.

After all the rain we've been having this month, one would think that "lake" out back would be overflowing its banks. But, instead, it seemed to be seeping away far more quickly than it did after the first big rains. So, once we got a chance to go walking while there was still light, we took the camera and went off to investigate.
Alas, and alack, someone has cleared a channel from "our" lake to the development's drainage system and dumped in some rocks to prevent erosion. All of which is very nice for their project, but not so nice for our view. As you can see, the lake is starting to give way to mud. Sigh.

Of course, soon enough it will all be covered with snow.


Blogger Sunny said...

"soon enough it will all be covered with snow" Not soon enough, 'cause that's getting ugly.

12:19 AM  

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