Sunday, November 12, 2006

My new toy

Look out Tim the Tool Man, I've got a new toy, a new power toy, no less. I'm just back from a trip to Sears and am the proud owner of a very basic Miter Saw which will (probably tomorrow) be set up in the basement ready for me to gather my courage in hand and see how I do at turning out simple picture frames. Shhhh, don't tell but now I've started drooling over the scroll saws I saw there, reminding me of the one I made puzzles with years, nay, decades ago.

And in other news, last night the OC and I rescued a couple of used double-thickness cardboard appliance boxes that I'll cut up to become the "canvas" for Navajo sand paintings for ~40-50 children. Yup, I'm planning on sharing my new art discoveries.

Yes, yes, yes, I'll be sharing with you, too. :D


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