Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Feet

The OC had today off work but still had to go in to get his flu shot so I went along and we made a day of it. He showed me around his old and new (as of tomorrow) workspaces and introduced me to some coworkers. We met up with Ally who was between classes and enjoyed a soup-and-sandwich lunch together at Panara Bread.

High on our "to-do" list for the day was to connect with a Certified Pedorthist and get me a new pair of walking shoes. We went to the shoe store right after lunch which turned out to be an excellent (read: not busy) time to go -- he spent over an hour fitting us. Ally has wonderfully comfortable new winter boots and I now have a pair of New Balance combination last (SL-2) running shoes -- they fit snugly around the heel yet have plenty of space in the toe box, even with my orthotcs. Ahhhh, such happy feet I have now. Tomorrow's walk will be such a pleasure that I'll very likely be up to more than than our usual two miles!


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