Friday, November 17, 2006

Yay, it's gone! Oops.

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and, what a relief, as of 3:30 this afternoon, the Christmas box is in the mail. Ahhh, big sigh of contentment. A huge part of the last minute rush was getting the twins' dresses dyed (before they outgrow them, already!). Of course, once I got home from the post office, I realized that I'd forgotten to go to Walmart to buy a gold-colored metal ornaments for each child. Hmmm, perhaps this is the year to end that tradition before it gets too deeply entrenched, eh?

In other news, Auntie Beth is very happy that I've discovered that a once-stained shirt can be rescued by dyeing it using the crunch method. Can you find where the (small) stain used to be?

I am tempted to join the "Y" after spending a delightful hour and a half this afternoon swimming in their warm "therapy pool" as a guest of our friend Elizabeth. We had it all to ourselves for the last half hour as the church group that usually rents it during that time was having a Thanksgiving dinner instead. The place I'm planning to swim this winter is much closer (and cheaper!) but doesn't have such a nice warm pool. Sigh.


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