Saturday, November 04, 2006

Embracing my Scotch ancestry

I was on this week to teach the 6-9yo class at SS. The lesson was about Isaiah 6:1-8 or Isaiah's call with the coals of fire from the alter. So, I dug out some one-side-still-good gold colored card stock, taped it onto one of the boxes we're using to move Auntie B, picked up some stone "coals" for the top from a church walkway and placed the "altar" under the back side of an angel cut-out leftover from a previous lesson. Voila! Lesson props with no extra expense!

Oh, and I Sharpie'd one word of their memory verse on each stone and the children got to use kitchen tongs to arrange the words in order. They loved it...and I loved that it was all free!


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