Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11

So this morning I had the scanner on to create a semblance of someone else in the house while I zoomed around doing baking and cleaning in preparation for a possible upcoming solo road trip.

There were the usual transmissions of 911 calls: a hard-of-hearing elderly female had fallen and was not able to get up to unlock her door, a smoke alarm was going off but no smell of smoke, someone had an injured squirrel in a box (and they called 911 for a squirel ?!?!), some sort of ceremony was referenced in conjunction with an elderly woman complaining of hip and leg pain from a previous fall.

Then a call was issued for all EMTs to observe a minute of silence in memory of those lost 5 years ago and BAM the TV images were replaying in my brain. Only this time, unlike the first time, I also had a mental overlay of our part-time firefighter son-in-law standing at attention with his fellow firefighters all fully decked out and ready to risk their very lives in service to others.

Thank you to all who serve!


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