Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Clearing my empty nest? What clearing?

So when I started this blog, I optimistically chose "clearing my empty nest" as the address. So much clearing out I was going to do once the OC and I had the place to ourselves. So what happened? Instead of clearing out, we seemed to find ourselves filling our way-too-big-for-just-two "nest" with more and more stuff. Then, with the return of an adult dd--complete with all the contents of her apartment--and...


Finally, (and hopefully!) we're back on track at last with the clearing out and decluttering efforts. Our current project is the tiny bedroom turned guest room turned office/guest room turned office/guest room/clutter stashing space. Moving the guest bed out and into Gram's assisted living apartment has motivated us to get the clutter cleared and finally turn that space into a pleasant and efficient office.

So, why am I writing instead of sorting through 20 years of papers in my filing cabinet drawers (so we won't have to buy another one)? Um, procrastination strikes again? Yes, that, and that I just had to share the nostalgia brought on by tossing (and shredding) pages and pages of old homeschool documentation dating all the way back to 1986.

Okay, back to work...


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