Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The nest is well and truly empty

or so one would think though nothing stays the same for long, but more later on our latest season of life.

For now, the sure sign of an empty nest is the gradual transformation of a backyard away from a kid play zone. Thanks to Freecycle, our once-busy pool has found a new home (with 8 children, this time!) and our backyard suddenly seems much larger.

At least for now, we plan to pitch the red gazebo tent on the old pool site...if it ever stops raining, that is. Precisely what the long-term future holds for that particular space remains to be discovered, however.

The neighborhood action now is in the wide driveway across the street where two young moms are currently supervising five preschoolers as they run, shout, pedal, laugh...and whine. While I, oh, so peacefully, sew on my very first quilt and watch their antics from afar.


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