Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beth is batting 1000 with her potluck recipe!

So, for the third week now, Beth's unbelievably easy to make potluck dish has been scraped clean even before everyone had been through the line. Okay, I'm impressed, Beth, that one is a winner!

What? You want her recipe?

All she does is cut purchased frozen bean and cheese burritos in half, tuck them in a single layer into a 9x12 casserole dish, annoint them with medium taco sauce and then generously top with mixed grated cheeses from a bag, cover it all with foil and stash in in the refrigerator. At the appointed time, it gets popped into the oven to heat and melt the cheese.

I'm not sure if it's her presentation in that lovely white (although space hogging) casserole dish with its sloping sides and wide lip or if whoever's manning the ovens and tables that week just wants to clear more space so puts it at the beginning of the table of food or if maybe it's just that lots of people think that looks like something they'd like! "I" like that I can swing by Walmart and pick up a bag of 10 frozen burritos (just enough to fill the dish) for what seems like not much more than a song.

Anyway, well done, Beth!

Speaking of Beth, I got to wondering, do I still consider myself an empty-nester with an adult daughter living in the same house? Technically speaking, probably not. Oops. Ah, well. That's a tag I don't mind giving up--she's pleasant to have around and it is nice to have more company in the house without all the responsibilities and worries that come with raising children. But I'm not changing my blogger page name--one never knows what the future will bring.

Speaking of blogger, I looked at my statcounter this morning and noticed that my blogger page had popped up on page one in response to someone's google search for "caribbean vacations for empty nesters". Whoo-eee, I dare say they got a surprise when, instead of photos of lovely Caribbean beaches they found sand art, a vanishing lake, and snow.

Snow pictures?

Be glad that you can't feel our below-zero temperatures and windchills coming off your computer, but you can imagine them with this photo of the OC's view out of his window at work.

I'm thinking the idea of a Caribbean beach vacation is sounding better and better with the dawn of every chilly New England winter morning!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that does sound like a winning recipe. I love Mexican foods so I think I'll try it this week, in a down-sized version for 2 people. Quick and easy - my kind of meal!

Though we love to visit Maine in summer and fall (we have friends and relatives in Saco, Scarborough, Westbrook) we stay away in winter. Keep warm!

~ Mary Anne, Cincinnati

12:43 PM  
Blogger Sunny said...

That recipe might also be pretty good with some sliced black olives scallions sprinkled on top of the cheese. And, some sour cream and crumbled fritos sprinkled between the burritos and the taco sauce.
Only if she wants to become famous. How annoying it would be to have the newspapers calling begging for the recipe, people requesting she prepare it for all sorts of events and parties. Nah, on second thought, maybe not.

12:02 AM  

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