Thursday, November 30, 2006

I did it! I did it! I did it!

AKA, Blogging the Lighted Sudoku.

Translation #1: As of today, I will have posted something to my blog every single day for the entire month of November. Hey, that wasn't as hard as I'd expected--I still have lots more ideas and pictures to write about (including the promised pictures and directions for several multicultural art projects).

Translation #2: In spite of entering the Christmas season feeling decidedly Scroogish, today's astonishingly warm weather (it got up to 55ºF Maine, no less...and on the last day of November!) inspired me to search out the outdoor Christmas lights and get them up...before winter finally arrives. Maybe it will stay away this year. Maybe it will go to Florida. Or the Caribbean. Yeah, that's it, let's give winter a winter vacation and let us keep this lovely spring weather.

Translation #3: I'm always late to fads and this was no exception. But, yes, I have finally succumbed (in a severe bout of procrastination--see #2 above) to the Sudoku craze and managed (with only a few hints from Beth and peeks at the answer key) to successfully complete my very first Sudoku. Do I hear applause and cheers? No? Why am I not surprised. Surely it can't be because I'm the last person on the planet to try this. No promises to ever do another one. The newspaper's note that Sudoku does not require math but only logic is what gave me courage to begin. And if the paper ever runs a beginner level Sudoku (which this was most certainly not!), I may just break down and try this game again. Stay tuned.

By the way, did you know that the results of going through severe stress will show up in your body months later? Yup, with crossways ridges in your finger and/or thumb nails. So there's your trivia tidbit for the day.


Blogger Sunny said...

Now, what is a suduku again?
And, what does length wise tiny ridges mean in fingernails?

5:35 PM  
Anonymous kerflop said...

*Applause! and also Cheering!

7:04 PM  
Blogger Mama Bird said...

Sunny--I think this might become a clickable link:

I've asked the OC the same question about the lengthwise ridges without getting a very satisfactory answer. Mostly it means you're getting older, I think. So helpful...

Kerflop--thank you, thank you, thank you veddy much.

8:14 PM  

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