Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh! NOW I get it...oh and that, too.

'Tis a momentous day, er, night, indeed, because now a lot of things I've heard, read and seen finally are clicking into place. More cultural references will likely come into focus once I've (finally) read the book(s).

But, thanks to Debbie and Jeremy, I have now seen the Monty Pythonesque The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. So, that's where Babel Fish got its name...and "don't forget your towel" and 42 and Trillian...and...and...

Go ahead. You can say it. It's okay. I know you told me so! Silly me. ;-)

Though, 'tis made more than clear that the minds behind this silly science fiction spoof are determinedly athiestic. Sigh. What a waste.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

There's gotta be a lesson here somewhere...

She'd chosen a lovely fabric, the pattern looked to be very flattering and she was oh-so-patient while waiting for me to finally find (make!) time to sew the promised dress. We measured very carefully, compared the measurements to the recommendations and selected the appropriate size. Then she went away.

I pinned. I cut. I sewed...and sewed...and sewed. And I made it--the dress was ready when she came home for the weekend she'd planned to wear her new dress.

Alas, it was too big! Well, better too big than too small, so I quickly did a couple of large darts up the back and the beautiful dress now waits on a hanger for a time when we are both here and available and I can remove the zipper and do a better job of fitting her new dress.

What about the promised life lesson? What this experience brought home to me was of the necessity of our continually holding our lives up to the standard as we go along rather than waiting until the end before checking to see if we've gotten off-track somewhere along the way.

Perhaps you can think of another lesson, as well. If you do, please post a comment and share it!