Tuesday, December 06, 2005

There's hope yet!

Last Tuesday night at band, all of a sudden something clicked into place and...I just zipped right along through a couple of measures of fast runs full of accidentals. Wow! It astonished me so much that I couldn't play at all for the rest of the piece, LOL.

I've noticed that band has finally become fun (instead of the continual exercise in frustration it was at the beginning). I've also noticed (because she's between me and the rest of the flutes) that the youngster who has most recently joined our section is still very much a beginner. So, 'tis plain to see, that I need to get busy practicing so that I can become a strong enough player to "stand alone" if need be, in the second chairs instead of just trying to follow the flute teacher who anchors the first chair section.

Of course, the teensy little fact that we have a actual concert (as in playing in front of actual people!) coming up in two weeks couldn't possibly have anything at all to do with my sudden interest in practicing, now could it?